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The Full Story (so far...)

Pop Up Paddle Adventures

Pop Up Paddle Adventures... 

Pop Up... because there are so many kayaking and paddle board options right here in the Northwest Ohio / Southeast Michigan area. 

Paddle... well, because you use a paddle to power your watercraft

Adventures... You are OUTSIDE, enjoying NATURE, and exploring MOVEMENT. 

For the poignant WHY of where we started, check out our blog, still on our old site, HERE



Pop Up Paddle Adventures provides outdoor adventure in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with an upscale, full-service kayak and paddle board rental and delivery service.  Our easy, diverse and unique family and team building events create opportunities for connection with each other and with nature while enabling our community and guests to appreciate and hopefully see the need to protect our waterways. 


Pop Up Paddle Adventures will promote and protect our waterways and wildlife while growing our "Pop Up" footprint and recreational watercraft options for our valued crew, clients, and communities. 

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